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    Choose how you want to unlock Capitol Hill

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    Limited database

    iPhone Only


    + Paid Updates

    Core Features




    Washington office address, telephone number, official website, contact form, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Medium pages. Short bio. Map of district (House only).




    Campaign news, finance, and website. Opponent name, website last election results, and win margin percentage.




    One-tap search by current location. Search by name, state, district, or biographical information.




    Search Congress.gov, list of open seats, link to the White House website, link to congressional news from POLITICO, party composition, FAQ, dark mode.




    Database refreshes through low-cost in-app purchases.

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    Expanded database

    Adds iPad App


    + Paid Updates

    Everything in Congress, and:




    Staff names, titles, and addresses for the Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Communications Director, Press Secretary, and Scheduler. Sponsored and cosponsored legislation and committee assignments.




    2020 campaign ratings from Inside Elections from Nathan Gonzales, Sabato's Crystal Ball, and the Cook Political Report's PVI ratings.




    Dark mode; bookmark members, list of new members, Capitol Hill office maps. Expanded search includes congressional staff.




    Database refreshes through low-cost in-app purchases

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    Full database

    Adds Apple Watch App


    + Monthly subscription

    Everything in Congress+, and:




    On-device keyword and bill number search of all legislation during the 117th Congress. Bill number, introduction date, and bill status, are included with the app purchase. With a monthly subscription you get access to sponsors and cosponsors, bill text, actions, and subjects. Updated daily.


    Separate committee and subcommittee pages.


    Full committee pages include majority and minority memberships sorted by rank, office addresses, phone numbers, official websites, Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as staff director names, emails, and telephone numbers.


    Subcommittee pages Include office address, website, and membership.




    New in iOS 14, home screen widgets showing if the House and Senate are in session, or what date they will return.


    List of vulnerable seats where the race was last won with less than 55% of the vote.


    Database search and reorderable bookmarks expanded to committees and subcommittees.


    Private Capitol Hill CRM: type or dictate notes on interactions with members and staff and share them from the app.


    Available as a separate Android app on Google Play.




    Database automatically refreshes every time the app is opened with paid monthly subscription.

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    Congress Enterprise

    Full database + CRM

    Includes Android App

    Call 202.558.6300

    Yearly subscription

    Everything in CongressPro, and:


    Special Features


    Low flat-fee subscriptions for groups of 10 users or less; lower per-user pricing is offered to larger teams; add/change users during your subscription period.


    Team branding shows off your logo on the splash page and within multitasking.


    Team CRM allows your organization to share notes and administrators to download and share them, or import into relationship tracking software.




    Database automatically refreshes every time the app is opened with paid yearly subscription.

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