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  • the enterprise edition

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    Type, dictate, and share notes

    In addition to the industry-leading mobile application for Congress you can now share notes with members of your government affairs team, your supporters, or your clients. Share the app outside Washington with your branding so they always remember who is connecting them to Capitol Hill.Now, available on the Apple iOS/iPadOS App Store, Mac App Store, and Android's Google Play.  Email us for details on how to get your team on the platform.

  • Branded Splash Page

    Get the best information available on the device you use the most with your logo on the splash screen. Replace our logo with yours so your team, your activists, or your clients are reminded who gave them this great app. Bonus: when flipping through apps, this screen remains in focus.

    Mobile Directory

    Meet the newest members of the 117th Congress and get their DC office address and phone number, official website and contact form, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Medium social media links (where available), and updated district maps. You also get the names and email addresses for the Chief of Staff, Legislative Director, Communications Director, Press Secretary, and the Scheduler. We also make sure you have a short bio for the member.

    Political Information

    Tap on "Political" and get sponsored and cosponsored legislation, committee assignments, campaign information, election results and win margins, and race evaluations from Inside Elections, Sabato's Crystal Ball. We also offer Cook Political Reports PVI rating.

    Robust Search

    We have always offered a great search tool for members and staff but for the Enterprise Edition for the 117th Congress we have added searching for committee and subcommittee names as well as jurisdictions so you can get to your issues fast.

    Committee Pages

    Pros know that much of the work of Congress is done in committees and subcommittees. The 117th Congress app now has dedicated committee pages with majority and minority contact information, office addresses, social links, staff, and jurisdiction all quick searchable and easily bookmarked.

    Search Legislation

    Now you can search for and bookmark bills and resolutions during the 117th Congress with our completely rewritten Legislation section. Search the House or Senate on key words or bill numbers or just browse the 10 most recently introduced legislation in either chamber.

    Bill and Resolution Pages

    Each page in the Legislation section includes the bill or resolution number, date of introduction, and status.  Where available, the short and full titles are listed, bill text, actions, and subject matter. Each bill includes the sponsor and any cosponsors, which link to their membership pages in the app.  Data is updated daily so we provide the official link to Congress.gov.

    Shared Notes

    Now you can text or dictate notes to share with your team, a private congressional CRM. Email your notes to a member of your organization or import into your third-party software.


    Working with Capitol Hill is fast and complex. Bookmark members, committees, subcommittees, and legislation you are tracking for instant access.

    Session and Legislation widgets

    With iOS and iPadOS 14, there is no reason anymore to even open the app to follow when Congress is in session, specific legislation you're watching, or bills and resolutions you've bookmarked, which rotate every few seconds. Pop them in widgets and see them on your home screen and then tap on one to open it in the app.

    Apple Watch

    Included with the Enterprise Edition is a free companion Apple Watch app. From the watch face complication you can take all 541 members with you as well as your bookmarks and local membership. Call, check the Twitter timeline, dictate, scribble, or take a note, get the DC office address and mapped directions, political information, and a short bio. Tap on the small photo and get it full-screen. In Settings, you can set the highlighting color to reflect your political party or to just match your watch band.

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