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    The leading political apps for Apple and Android devices

    Congress in Your Pocket app

    Congress in Your Pocket

    The first public affairs app on the App Store, opening the doors of Congress to everyone. Download on iOS and Android.

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    Parliament in Your Pocket app

    Parliament in Your Pocket

    We have partnered with Dods, UK to bring the UK and EU parliaments to mobile. Download on iOS and Android.

    Visit our partner's website.

    Leg Hall The Delaware Legislature

    The Delaware Legislature

    Learn who is leading the legislature of the first United State. Essential information for working in the state capitol.

    Download on iOS.

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    Apple watch

    New for the 117th Congress for our Professional and Enterprise editions is a free companion Apple Watch app. From the watch face complication you can take all 541 members with you as well as your bookmarks and local membership. Call, check the Twitter timeline, dictate, scribble, or take a note. Get the DC office address and mapped directions, political information, and a short bio. Tap on the small photo and get it full-screen. Set the highlighting color to reflect your party or to just match your watch band.

  • additional Services

    We're on a mission to connect you to your government

    Custom Lists

    Custom Lists

    Connecting you to Capitol Hill, your way.


    All of our data is available for one-time use and through yearly subscriptions. We create easy-to-download Microsoft Excel files based on our live databases. If you would like more information about options customized for your needs, please send us an email.


    Custom Development

    Custom Development

    Your group, office, or campaign.


    We are also available to design and deploy custom government and poltiical applications to fit your needs. We bring our award-winning techniques to develop living apps that grow over time as the needs of your constituency change. Contact us here.


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    In addition to members and staff on Capitol Hill

    CNN: Congress in Your Pocket offers literally every member of the House and Senate

    "There's an app for that!"

    Washingtonian: Congress in Your Pocket is a Top iPhone App for Washington

    "Top iPhone App for Washington"

    POLITICO: Congress in Your Pocket is a Staff Favorite

    "Congress is an iPhone Fav"

    National Journal: Congress in Your Pocket is quick, easy, and essential.

    "It's quick, easy, and essential"

    The Atlantic: 10 More Great Political iPhone Apps

    "An indispensable guide"

    US News & World Report: Congress in Your Pocket is a Top 10 Smartphone App for the 2012 Campaign

    "Top Smartphone App"


    "Every lawmaker's voting history"

    Macworld: Congress in Your Pocket is indespensable.


    The Huffington Post: With Congress in Your Pocket you can literally hold any federally elected official in the palm of your hand.

    "For understanding the issues"

    RedState's Erick Erickson: I've been using Congress in Your Pocket ... I'm happy to plug a program I use everyday.

    "I can't recommend it enough"

    PBS MediaShift: How Mobile Apps like Congress in Your Pocket Are Revolutionizing Elections, Transparency

    "Loaded with information"

    IDC Government Insights Award

    "Innovator Award for Political Engagement"

  • Clients

    How people are using our apps

    You as an individual citizen are why we made our mobile applications. For far too long, information on members of the government have been relegated to expensive, out-of-date, and wasteful printed books offered to the few. Our vision was to give you the power to contact them on your time without spending hundreds of dollars. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity.


    Professional and citizen journalists are another group that uses our apps all the time. Generally out in the field, these clients need information fast and out of the office. We have many from all kinds of media including ABC News, Congressional Quarterly, CNN, FOX News, Huffington Post, National Journal, New York TImes, POLITICO, RedState, as well as the Washington Post.


    Large and small companies, law firms, and government relations pros also find it useful to have our information on the go. We have dozens of clients including Apple, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, General Electric, GEICO, Hogan and Harston, Intel, Lowe's, McDonald's, Microsoft, Olgivy Government Relations, Pfizer, Target, UPS, and Verizon.


    Associations and interest-groups find our apps more cost-effecitve to purchase than large, bulky printed books that are only updated quarterly. Association clients include, AFL-CIO, American Bar Association, Americans for Tax Reform, MoveOn.org, National Air Traffic Controllers Association, National Federation of Independent Business, National Urban League, and the United States Chamber of Commerce.


    Government officials and candidates use our apps to get to know each other and keep in contact while they are out of the Capitol or on the campaign trail. We have a running list of current and former members as well as their office staff (we keep their names confidential) on our Facebook page. Our firm offers discounts for Capitol Hill offices as well as large groups. For more information, email us here.


    A couple of "small d" democrats

    Michael D. Cohen, Ph.D.

    Michael Cohen

    Founder and Chief Product Officer

    Michael is focused on providing a greater voice in government and improving the companies that serve us. He is an expert in public opinion research, beginning his career with The Gallup Poll. A developer of mobile apps for over a decade, he is the chief architect of the apps we design. Mike earned his B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Political Science and Mass Communication at the University of Florida. He lives in Northern Virginia, just outside D.C.


    Follow him @michaelcohen

    Sean Cook

    Sean Cook

    Partner and Chief Technologist

    Sean was working on mobile devices before they could text, have ringtones, or search the web. He is an expert in mobile computing and is the Lead Mobile Partner Engineer for Twitter, where he helps developers from around the world leverage Twitter in their applications. He is responsible for every line of code we produce. Sean holds an M.S. in Computer Science and a B.S. in Software Engineering, both from Auburn University.  He lives in San Francisco.
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