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Support for iOS 7 and full zip code search
Frankly, we were surprised. We thought that most people had updated to iOS 8 but there is a significant group who has not. There are various reasons including the size of the download and it still not working that well on older devices.
Many of you sent us email saying they couldn't update to the 114th Congress because we weren't supporting iOS 7. A few days ago, we sent Apple an update that provides support for all versions 7.1 and above.
We also fixed a number of bugs including missing representatives on a zip code search. For those of you running Congress or Congress+, you get a free database refresh, too.
CongressPro and Enterprise Edition users also get these updates in addition to all of the recent committee and subcommittee appointments as well as continuing updates from staff announcements.
Thanks for reaching out to us with your questions and suggestions. Please continue here.
Update: All editions of Congress in Your Pocket are now live on the App Store; now compatible with iOS 7.1.