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Now Live on the App Store, Enterprise Edition

Together, let's accomplish great things on Capitol Hill.
With the 114th Congress open and the State of the Union Address filed, it's now time to get to work.  Your communications with members and staff on Capitol Hill are crucial to understanding the status of legislation important to your cause or your clients.  How do you keep track of it all on the go?  How can you keep all members of your team on the same page this year?
The answer is Congress in Your Pocket, Enterprise Edition.  No longer will you wonder if your colleague already had the exact same conversation you're about to have with a member or staff.  Didn't your team already find out the status of the bill?  Now you'll know before you make the call or schedule the meeting.  Preview everyone's notes on every member.
For organizations like Habitat for Humanity that host Capitol Hill Days, our Enterprise Edition is a great substitute for printed directories.  Beyond providing office locations and staff names, give your grassroots activists a way to share information with each other (and with you) after their meetings.  You can also brand the app with your logo so they will stay in touch.
For government relations firms like Thompson Coburn, we are providing them the opportunity to replace printed directories they bought for clients with an app updated throughout the congressional session. For them, sharing notes across clients is not the ideal scenario so we have set up a group for them where clients can keep their notes securely to themselves.
Special pricing is also available for congressional offices, where you need to keep track every meeting, call, or interaction with your colleagues to effectively push your agenda.  There are dozens of new members and it's useful to know a little bit about them as you get acquainted.
Think of what your team can accomplish together this year.  Let's make it happen.  Call us at 202-558-6300 or send us an email today.