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Partnering with the Government Relations Community

AGRP members now get 20% off group rates.
We have formed a strategic partnership with the Association of Government Relations Professionals (AGRP), the preeminent national organization representing professionals engaged in lobbying, public policy, and advocacy in the United States and around the world. The more than 17,000 members of the association now get 20% off group rates for Congress in Your Pocket, Enterprise Edition. If you are a member of AGRP, you can learn more here.
Why partner with AGRP?  Aren't they lobbyists?  Many of them are.  Shouldn't we avoid lobbyists?  Well, no.
These are the people who are out representing causes and clients everyday on your behalf and mine. Whether you are interested in your industry, health care, taxes, children's issues, or the environment, there is an AGRP member out there working for us, meeting with members of Congress and the executive branch in DC, trying to make sure we're heard.
They are also the ones who have given us some of the best feedback on our app. Professionals know what they need to move legislation on Capitol Hill and understanding their needs also helps our consumer applications improve. For example, our 1.0 versions did not have member staff, committee assignments, or the ability to bookmark. All of these came out of substantive conversations with professionals like those who are members of AGRP.
As we continue grow, it is important to serve not only individuals but the organizations fighting for them in Washington, DC. Our new partnership with AGRP is a big part of that. We will be able to expand our ability to add features to our core consumer apps and help those involved in the issues you care about fight for you.  
Each of us has one voice, they have many.  Working with the members of AGRP helps our voices be heard even louder.